Friday, November 20, 2009

Book Review : Jane Eyre

My Review: 2/5

When I was at uni, we put on Jane Eyre the musical, and it was so long and boring. Costumes were great though. So, when I went to read the book, I was hoping that the story would be more detailed and more interesting. It wasn't.


Perhaps it was because I already knew what happened that I spent half the book going "when the hell is he going to ask her to marry him?". Once he did though, it was an exciting revelation of the wife in the attic and they can't get married (I actually felt sorry for her there) before she runs off for another 3000 pages of looking at stuff and wallowing in her own boringness. Okay, I understand that Plain Jane Eyre isn't real;y the exciting type, but I almost threw the book in the bin when she went on about Lady Ingram's hair for 5 pages, or when she went on about learning German for ten pages. It seems to me that the beginning and middle of the book are boring, drawn out and mostly uneventful (the major events being made crummy by the fact that they're drawn out over 100 pages). The best part - the end, where they're finally together, was short and sweet.

I think it could have been a much better if the beginning and middle of the book were shorter, to match the end. I think then it would have been an enjoyable read with a succinct story and a well rounded ending.
In short: too much faffing about.

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