Thursday, November 19, 2009

Book Review: A Clockwork Orange

My Score: 4.5/5

I was really excited to read A Clockwork Orange, because its so famous. I'd always heard people going on about the movie and how freaky it was, and so I was a bit tentative in just going and hiring it out. But when I found out it was a Penguin - I just had to read it.

I was a difficult read at first: I read before going to sleep, and the weird slang took me a while to get used to. So, I was reading slower than usual. However, I thoughroughly enjoyed the plot, the characters, as well as the message. I didn't find the tourture scenes overly confronting; I think it's the combination of the slang and the fact that it is literature and not visual (like the film). I was able to comprehend the situation, and the actions, with adequite distance. I actually found it quite interesting how bashing someone's head in wasn't so bad because it had a different word associated to it.

Overall, I think this is a must read for anyone above the age of 15. Its possibly one of the most challenging and enjoyable books I've ever read. But I'm definately not watching the movie :)

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