Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I hope your Christmas break was fun filled and not too full of stress. It's about this time that I do a "how many penguins do I have, how many have I read and how many are left?" post. But right now I am at work! So that's a bit difficult.
I can tell you that for Christmas I got bought a bookshelf, and now one shelf houses all my penguins! It's really nifty, and I'll nab a photo of it soon and do a "i have read this many and own this many" thing.
I printed off a list of all the penguins currently out there, and there are so many more than when I started! To think, my original goal was to read all 50 by the time I was 25. Now there's over 180! And they'll probably release more soon, just to spite me. Haha.
Currently our bookclub book is On the Road by John Kerouac. I'm really excited about it being a popular penguin! This has happened four times so far and I have to say it really makes me happy. I can't wait to finish it, it's really interesting so far!
I promise I'll post again soon.

Emma xxx
Currently reading On the Road

A Handful of Dust


This book was nothing like I was expecting it to be. At first it seemed like your average Victorian family story, where the wife goes off to have an affair. But then it just got more and more intense. It seemed as though there were two stories in here together though, and by that I mean two entirely separate books. Not to give away the story, but it seemed to go off on such a tangent that I forgot how the beginning of the book even related to the end. Perhaps that was the nature of stories at the time, needing some sort of adventure element, but it seems very odd to me as a modern reader.
In saying this though, I was very involved in the story and adequately moved by it.
An interesting read, well worth a go.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Book Review: The Art of War

My Score: 4/5

Admittedly a very short book, I found these musings inspirational and empowering. I have actually gotten it out twice since, to inspire me more! I find that everything from roller derby to the gym, studying to social situations relate to the Art of War.

A definate must read for those in need of inspiration, especially for sporting situations!

Book Review: And the Ass Saw the Angel.

This book was the book I ended up choosing for bookclub's 80s theme. I am so pleased it was really good: I would have looked like a fool otherwise!

My score: 5/5

This has to be my favourite penguin I've read so far. I really enjoyed the realistic story, but at the same time the exaggerated situation allowed by the protagonist being a mute in a secluded, hyper-religious society. It's not clear when this book is set, but I felt like it was timeless: it could have been anywhere from 1900 to today. Nick Cave has a particually brilliant writing style. The way he allows for so much scandal and violence, without it being overly shocking is amazing. If this was a movie, it would be rated R, Tarantino would direct it and I would love the SHIT out of it.

What was my favourite bit? It's hard, there was so much. I particually liked the prostitute's baby becoming the town's new massiah. I found that hilarious, and tragic at the same time.

Please read this book! You're missing out if you dont!!!

Book Review: Witches of Eastwick

I'm so sorry I haven't been reviewing my books! I've just been reading them! But now that exams are over I have a moment to breathe, and to blog.

I read Witches of Eastwick while on holidays in Europe. I really enjoyed it!
My score: 4.5/5

My favourite thing about this book was that it was about witches, but in a modern time. I was real and relatable, despite the supernatural themes. My favourite bits were the acts of shocking violence and death: when they made the voodoo doll spell of the other woman, and she got cancer and died, and when the man killed his wife (the awful woman that she was) and the killed himself. Also, the horrendously large amount of sex was written in such a way that it wasn't distasteful.

I would definately recommend this one to anyone! Best book club book chosen so far, I think. Thanks Kelsey!

(PS the movie is bullshit and crap.)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Update Update

Oh my it has been a while since I updated this blog last!
My bookclub book totally pulled me under, but luckily the last bookclub book and this one are Penguins, so I can blog about them! Also, next book club month is choose your own book, so the will be a penguin too, but which one? hrmm.

Anyways, I have now read The Witches of Eastwick by John Updike and The Art of War by Sun Tsu. Currently I'm about halfway through And the Ass Saw the Angel by Nick Cave, which I have to finish reading by Tuesday night, eeep!

Since my last blog I have been buying Penguins every time I go into the ECU bookstore (only one more and then I get 20% off the next one!) I've bought Monkey Grip by Helen Garner and The Philosophies of Andy Warhol by Andy Warhol. I was reluctant to buy Monkey Grip because in high school we had to read a book by Helen Garner, Joe Cinque's Consolation and it was the most bat-shit boring book I have ever read, which was more about Ms Garner then any Cinque. However, on this particular day when I walked into the ECU bookshop it was the only one sitting there that I hadn't already bought, so I thought, why not.

Reviews on Witches of Eastwick and The Art of War soon, I promise!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Book Review: Dracula

Finally I've finshed it! Phew! Its been a long time since I've written a review (all those book club books taking up my reading time...) But finally Dracula is finished! So, here is what I think.

Lucy is weak and annoying, and I'm quite glad she died, but it took so long. I suppose it was nessisary for the whole vampire thing, but I really wished she had just, you know, died. Although, it did make me feel very sorry for Seward, Quincy and Godalming. I really liked Mina, she was very strong even in the face of tragidy, which is unusual for a victorian woman, but I liked it. Even though the book was very long, and some parts (chasing down Dracula) seemed to take forever, and a lot of the twists I could see coming, (which I put down to my modern brain being quite used to plot twists. In fact, I'm usually the first one in the cinema of a thriller to get it.) Overall Ifound the book quite enjoyable. However, I found that the ending was overall much too neat and succinct. Its like, 200 pages of chasing Dracula, then killed his wenches, kill him, all in about 10 pages. The End, with a feel good afternote about babies, lol.

Anyways, its a definate classic, and should be read by everyone, especially now when Vampires are so popular. I give Dracula by Bram Stoker 4/5.

I've also been watching the Dracula movies, starting with the 1931 version, and next weekend going to the 1958 version. Its quite fun to see their interpretation of Dracula. In other news, the next book is a nice short one: Picnic at Hanging Rock by Joan Lindsay. Hope to write again soon!