Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Book Review: Witches of Eastwick

I'm so sorry I haven't been reviewing my books! I've just been reading them! But now that exams are over I have a moment to breathe, and to blog.

I read Witches of Eastwick while on holidays in Europe. I really enjoyed it!
My score: 4.5/5

My favourite thing about this book was that it was about witches, but in a modern time. I was real and relatable, despite the supernatural themes. My favourite bits were the acts of shocking violence and death: when they made the voodoo doll spell of the other woman, and she got cancer and died, and when the man killed his wife (the awful woman that she was) and the killed himself. Also, the horrendously large amount of sex was written in such a way that it wasn't distasteful.

I would definately recommend this one to anyone! Best book club book chosen so far, I think. Thanks Kelsey!

(PS the movie is bullshit and crap.)

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