Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Book Review: And the Ass Saw the Angel.

This book was the book I ended up choosing for bookclub's 80s theme. I am so pleased it was really good: I would have looked like a fool otherwise!

My score: 5/5

This has to be my favourite penguin I've read so far. I really enjoyed the realistic story, but at the same time the exaggerated situation allowed by the protagonist being a mute in a secluded, hyper-religious society. It's not clear when this book is set, but I felt like it was timeless: it could have been anywhere from 1900 to today. Nick Cave has a particually brilliant writing style. The way he allows for so much scandal and violence, without it being overly shocking is amazing. If this was a movie, it would be rated R, Tarantino would direct it and I would love the SHIT out of it.

What was my favourite bit? It's hard, there was so much. I particually liked the prostitute's baby becoming the town's new massiah. I found that hilarious, and tragic at the same time.

Please read this book! You're missing out if you dont!!!

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